I'm Ashley Wallace-

I’m a love story documentarian born n’ raised in the heart of it all - Ohio. I want to tell your story through photos that reflect exactly how you felt on the best day of your life!

My goal for you is to be relaxed and to live presently on your wedding day - to truly enjoy celebrating with your loved ones. I want you to be at ease and trust that I’ll take care of photographing all of those honest moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours. My style is mostly documentary with some necessary direction. I’m committed to making my couples comfortable in front of my camera. I’ll guide you in a way that’s natural and brings out your own personalities.

When I'm not getting overly excited about how groovy you and the love of your life 
look together during a session, I'm keeping my hands busy. Nowadays, you'll find me molding silver around 
stones (some call me a sliversmith, working on turning the cabin/property my husband and I just bought into a self sustainable homestead, hiking my way around Ohio in all kinds of weather, trail riding/camping with my family, learning a new craft, or my favorite thing of all - sitting on my front porch, drinking coffee, and listening to the birds (or rock n' roll) with my with my husband/soulmate of 12 years. 
I’m a lover of the outdoors, and incorporating nature into my work is something that I strive to do. Whatever elements the day might throw at us, I feel confident in using them to bring out laughs and genuine emotion. Despite what you’ve probably been told, rain is fun - so let go and dance in it!

If you’re up for an adventure, lots of laughing, a little bit of serious, and getting your feet muddy - I just might be the photographer for you.

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