Hi! I'm Ashley Wallace!

I’m a love story documentarian born n’ raised in the heart of it all - Columbus, Ohio. I'm passionate about telling your story in a way that reflects those honest moments that make your life accurately yours.

I like to describe my photography style as mostly free-spirited with some necessary direction. I will guide you in a way that’s natural and brings out your own personalities. My goal for you is live presently in the moment and embrace the REAL that comes with a wedding day or having family photos taken.

Whether you're walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life, or chasing your wild child around a field… They're both a perfect representation of desperately trying to grasp the memories of what you'll someday refer to as 'the good ol' days'.

When I'm not documenting you and yours, you'll find me sipping coffee on the front porch with my soulmate of 15 years or chasing my own wild boy around our little homestead. I love working in our garden, growing flowers, cooking, or creating something. I'm often making jewelry, sewing, or doing something that keeps my hands busy.
I’m a huge lover of the outdoors, and incorporating nature into my work is something that I strive to do. Whatever elements the day might throw at us, I feel confident in using them to bring out true emotion. Despite what you’ve probably been told, rain is fun - so let go and dance in it! If you’re up for an adventure, lots of laughing, and getting your feet muddy - I just might be the photographer for you.

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